With over four fabulous decades since the inception of the brand, OSSA has established an illustrious history of bringing forth one delightful fragrance after another. What began as a dream in the 1970’s, has translated into a splendid reality, painting a perfect picture of success for OSSA.

OSSA is a Mumbai based perfume house, where we have 2 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. We adhere to stringent processes and protocols. We are the original manufacturers of ‘Magnet’ perfume, one of our best selling fragrances till date. At OSSA, we believe that beauty is an experience. An experience that is fulfilling not just to the eye, but that which encompasses all five senses, the sense of smell being the most sublime of all. Some of our most beautiful experiences are associated with scents and smells.

OSSA draws inspiration from various elements of nature to create some of the finest fragrances. From floral to fruity….earthy to oriental, we have something that will appeal to everyone.

Our fragrances comprises of a Premium Collection, Heritage Collection and Body Sprays. We are constantly researching newer sources and elements for creating unique scents. We try to keep up with changing trends yet remain true to the essence of the brand.

We are dedicated to upgrading and re-inventing ourselves in order to stay relevant and provide world-class perfumes to our customers. We are committed to constantly upgrading and re-inventing in order to stay current and bring world class fragrances to its patrons. We understand the preferences of our clients and strive to cater to their fine tastes. We thank our loyal customers for placing their faith in us and making us a beloved brand!